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E.E Kala Chana (Yellow Gram) 1kg

1000 g
£1.99 £2.29

Kala Chana also known as black gram, bengal gram or black chickpeas. Kala chana is a type of desi chickpea grown mainly in India. Kala chana, like other types of chickpeas, is high in fiber, protein and iron, among other nutrients. kala chana is used in a wide variety of curries and soups for a healthy, nutritious meal.Black chana is relatively low in calories, making them a healthy option as part of a filling and nutritious meal. One reason kala chana is so filing is due to its high protein content. These legumes contain 7 grams of protein per 35 gram serving, making them comparable to a large egg or 1 ounce of beef steak.Perfect for making curries, stews or adding to salads.