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Indian Tindori (200g)

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Tindori or Tindora or Kovakkai or Tendli also known as ivy gourd,Dondakaya,Baby Watermelon,Gentleman's Toes,Kundru or Coccinia grandis or scarlet gourdis is a tropical vine/fruit from the pumpkin family commonly found in sourthern indian states and is a local cuisine. Can be consumed as soup,curries, fried, stuffed with masala or just sauteing in a pan. It is usually used in sambhar as a vegetable also pickled raw brcause of its crisp skin texture. Nutritional benefits: Rich in Beta-carotene. Some research also supports its use as an antioxidant, anti-hypoglycaemic agent and immune system modulator. The fruit is also known to have anti-histamine properties. Also used as a Ayurvedic medication in Thailand.