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Valour Papadi (200g)

0.44 lb
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Valor,sheem,Amarakka,Avara,Papdi,Surti Papdi,Hyacinth bean, Lablab-bean,Bonavist bean/pea also known as Dolichos bean, Seim bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian bean, Bataw and Australian pea is a species of beans with native to Africa but also widely grown throughout sub continent of india and has numberous famous local dishes such as Undhiyu,Ghevda, Walawar, and papdi nu shak. cooked as curry,vegetable,salad,roti and kachori. Nutritional Benefits: 6% Vitamin C 12%Magnesium 10% Manganese and 12% Folate. Good for hair and skin and to monitor weight as its low in calorie content.